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Our Theme For 2023 

Beyond Belief
Thoughtful Faith Faithful Life
Don’t copy the behaviour and customs of this world,
but let God transform you into a new person
by changing the way you think.
Then you will learn to know God’s will for you,
which is good and pleasing and perfect.
Romans 12:2
Series Beginning January 8, 2023
Service Notes – Continuing The Conversation

Series Beginning November 27, 2022

Current Worship Series
Beginning October 16, 2022
Series began October 16, 2022, will take us to the book of REVELATION – looking at the Seven Churches, and the overall themes in this important but often misunderstood book THE BATTLE OF GOOD AND EVIL and Codes.
You may remember sending in cereal box tops and a quarter for your “Secret Decoder Ring” , to help you resolve mysteries.
But codes are in all our lives, pretty well every day.
They are everywhere, and we use them all the time.
Your password for your computer,
your PIN number for your phone, your account with Hydro One, or using the ATM;
your code to have access to a building, an after-hours gym, a parking garage, or your own home or vehicle!
And there are other kinds of codes: dress codes, behaviour codes, and a “code of conduct” that may or may not be written, but needs to be understood by a team, an organization, or a workplace.
Codes are everywhere. If you don’t know the code, you are at the least left out, at the worst, locked out.
On Sunday, October 16, 2022,  we are beginning a worship series in the last book of the Bible, the book called “Revelation”. This is probably one of the most misused, misunderstood, and misapplied books of the Bible. It is also a book full of codes, symbols, and images that were not meant t confuse God’s people, but to help clarify and inspire courage and confidence in following Jesus.
Join us for REVELATION : GOOD HOPE, where we will explore and be encouraged by 5 major images and themes in the book. (The series could be much longer, trust me – but we will make do with 5!) And tomorrow, we begin at the beginning, to understand the book in context, the way John sets the tone for what is to be revealed, and offers the hope in knowing Jesus had a GOOD HOLD on all things – including us!
We’ll hear a funny story of Chris not knowing a code; kids, we’ll meet my new friend Jedidiah, JED for short, who will be walking with us in this series, and you’ll get to play the djembe drums!
We will be praying and praising God. Songs tomorrow include “Ancient of Days” “Holy, Holy, Holy”, “Siyahamba – Marching in the Light of God” “He Will Hold Me Fast” and “God is For Us”. We’ll be learning the chorus of one of the new Getty songs…The Lord Almighty Reigns” (and learning the rest later in the series).
Hope you will join us in worship! We welcome you in person or online…and look forward to the Lord’s work among us.
New members – we held our first NEW MEMBERS Sunday on September 18; if you are planning to become a member of KPC, and that Sunday is not possible for you, just let Pastor Chris know!
Stay tuned for more announcements of worship plans, small group plans, new members and baptism opportunities this fall!
“The Bible is so boring!”
That’s not what GOD SAYS….or what God does…there is plenty of adventure around!
Like tomorrow’s story – battles, underdogs, lapping water like a dog, trumpets and torches alight. All because of what GOD SAYS.
That’s the theme for worship tomorrow, complete with burning torches and trumpets – well, at least in the story! But don’t let the technology distract you from the theology – of God at work, and what God says that seems completely contrary to reality!
Share Your Faith – A Story To Tell
Discovering how to put together share your faith story.

Tuesdays 7:30pm June 7-28, 2022
Wednesdays 1:30pm June 1-22, 2022
All Are Welcomed!!
May 2022
Thankful to be able to worship in person and online as a church family. We are always so grateful to meet together. During the first three weeks of May, we will be joined by Pastor Chris for the sermon series virtually at Knox as well as online. This week we celebrate as Mother’s Day approaches – Celebrating the impact of mothers, and mentors that make such an impact – It truly does take a village!
KPC Family, Sunday, April 24 will be our first RURAL LIFE SUNDAY together, in person, since 2019. I am so looking forward to celebrating together in person this year. Most of the service will be live-streamed as usual, until (weather permitting) as the service closes, we head outside on the front lawn to bless a cow, tractor, seed,

soil, water and farm produce. I will try to have that available on Facebook Live!
To prepare – some requests – if you have photos of your farm, we would like to display them in the windows all around the sanctuary. If you have farm toys – tractors, spreaders, combines, plows, etc. we would like to borrow and display those. If you have some caps with farm logos, please share those with us. Old fashioned milk cans, tools, signs – anything and everything farm related we will use!
If you would be willing to share these items with us for Rural Life Sunday, we would so appreciate it. And if we could have them for Friday, even better, to allow time to set things up.
Thank you – looking forward to this special tradition at KPC….as we come before the Lord to bless our farm families, creation, and hear God’s word to “en-courage” us, in our “FIELDS OF COURAGE”
Please read an update letter from Pastor Chris re Rural Life Sunday and the coming weeks by clicking on the link here:
Psalm 100:5
Our Series during the 2022 year centres around the goodness of our God, His enduring love and faithfulness and hope through all generations.
Our FINDING I AM Bible study will began March 2, 7:30 p.m. and March 3, 1:30 p.m. We will be looking at the I AM sayings of Jesus will be an enriching and encouraging time.  Chris has 4 study guides – if you have not received yours, or if you would like to join the study group and need a book, please let me know. A donation in the $10-15 dollar range will help us with costs.

Chris is happy to drop off your book – just let her know!
Holy Week Services
Monday thru Friday will take place evenings at
7pm with video links included on the Video Streaming Services Link.
Monday – Wednesday – short prayer services The Mercy of Jesus Teaching
Maundy Thursday – Communion Mercy in the Meal
Good Friday – Mercy at the Cross
Easter Sunday – 8.00 a.m. Mercy in Hope, Gathering at the Cross
Celebration and Communion Service -9:30a.m.- Mercy in the Empty
Palms, parades, streamers, music!
People of all ages!
sounds like worship! and sounds like something for you!
Please join us as we begin Holy Week…with our own Palm Parade, with songs like “This is the Day” “Jesus Shall Reign” “His Mercy is More” and “May the Peoples Praise You”.
Join us as we pray for one another, our world, Ukraine and much more.  Join us, kids, as we think about summer plans!  Yes, join us for worship – in person, online, on your own, with your loved ones, join in worship as the Holy Week journey begins!